Spectator Guide

Whether you're interested in watching the pros, cheering on a friend, the Wolfman Triathlon offers a spectator-friendly course. All three legs of the race can be viewed within walking distance of the swim start, and there will be plenty of room for your family and friends at the event finish and Post Race Party.

The Paddle/Transition #1

Spectators may view the paddling segment of the course at Langlade Inn (river side lawn area) located at the Hwy 64/55 intersection.  Spectators are not allowed to view the race from the Hwy 64 Bridge.  Spectators please approach the course with caution, be prepared to yield to racers and race volunteers. 

The Bike

Located off Van Alstine Road. Take a right at Hwy 64 & 55 intersection go approximately 3 miles, take a left on Van Alstine Road go approximately 3.5 miles to bike trail. The road crossing is always a great place to view the action but again, please be prepared to yield to racers.

The Run/Transition #2

The bike to run transition will now be at the Scout Camp by the Shooting Range.  This transition site may be accessed by parking at the Gardner Dam Scout Camp and heading over to the Range located by the Ranger House.  

The Finish

The finish will be at the Gardner Dam Scout Camp which there is plenty of room to watch your racer finish the race in style.  Be there to cheer them on!

Other Spectator Tips

  • Tell your athlete where you'll be on the course so they can look for you as well.
  • Know the course. Look over the map in advance so you know what to expect on race day.
  • Know your athlete's start time & projected times for each leg of the event. This should give you a good idea of when they'll arrive at any point on the course.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to park. Plan to arrive early.
  • Be careful along the course. Don't get in the way of athletes & if you need to cross the course, make sure you're in the clear and obey the commands of the police and course volunteers.
  • Have a meeting spot for after the race.
  • Remember your essentials: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses & bottled water, camera

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